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英語ナイト​ 再開しました!
<次回はバレンタイン パーティー!>
​ 終了しました

Please scroll down for the English version.

Sorry, we stopped accepting applications because there is no more place available.



〈英語ナイト〉は、外国人スタッフ・京都在住・訪問の外国人の皆さんと日本人の参加者が、英語を使ってコミュニケーションを楽しむ場です。 参加者は年齢も英語のレベルもバラバラ。 お喋りしたり、ゲームをしたり。 海外の街角のカフェで、たまたま出会った人たちが、英語を使って仲良くなる。 そんな雰囲気をイメージしています。


<2月の英語ナイトは "ハッピー バレンタインズ パーティー” ! >

海外での男女の出会いの場として、「Speed Dating」という1対1で会話の機会を作ることが多いそうですが、今回はそれを少し真似して「Speed Chatting」を企画しました。〈英語ナイト〉の出会いの場は、国籍、年齢、性別、既婚・独身は関係なく、「人と人とのつながり」を大切にしたいと考えています。今回は、ゲーム形式で、それぞれの参加者さん同士が楽しく交流を深めてもらえればと思っています。


スタッフが心を込めて計画し作り上げている場です。フードロス削減のためにも、来られなくなった場合はキャンセルの連絡をお願いします。(InstagramのDM または まで)
















We took a break from "Eigo Night" in January, but we apologized for the wait! We will hold an "Eigo Night" at Café Frosch in February. This is an event which foreign staff, foreigners living in Kyoto, or visiting Kyoto, and Japan participants can enjoy communicating using English.Participants in Eigo Night are of different ages and levels of English. Chatting and playing games. At a café on a street corner overseas, people who happen to meet each other become friends using English. That's the kind of atmosphere we are imagining.

< Eigo Night in February is "Happy Valentine's Party! >

As a place for men and women to meet in overseas, they often create opportunities for one-on-one conversations called "Speed Dating", and this time we are planning "Speed Chatting" to imitate that. The meeting place of "English Night" is a place where people meet, regardless of nationality, age, gender, married or single, and we want to value the connection between people. Therefore, this time, in the form of a game, each participant can easily deepen their interaction with each other.


We are very sorry for the kitchen staff will not be available at this time.Therefore, please note that unlike in the past, it will be in the form of a casual standing party.

It is a place where the staff plans and creates with all their heart. If you are unable to come to reduce food loss, please contact us for cancellation. (Instagram DMs, etc.)


Date: February 14th

Time: 7pm - 9pm

 Price: 2000 yen (with snacks and soft drinks) Wine will be available for 300 yen per glass.

Capacity: 15 people (SOLD OUT)


<Eigo Night Rules>

・Do not talk about religion or politics

・Enjoy friendly conversation rather than heated debate

・Do not talk about hurting anyone

・Speak in English as much as possible during the Eigo Night

・Photos may be posted on social media. Please tell the staff if you don't wish to appear in photos of the event.

Let's all have a good time.




持ち込みイベントも大歓迎! 貸切パーティーもできますよ。

and more !

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