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英語ナイト​ 再開しました!

Please scroll down for the English version.

今月も〈英語ナイト〉を開催します。〈英語ナイト〉は、外国人スタッフ・京都在住・訪問の外国人の皆さんと日本人の参加者が、英語を使ってコミュニケーションを楽しむ場です。 参加者は年齢も英語のレベルもバラバラ。 お喋りしたり、ゲームをしたり。 海外の街角のカフェで、たまたま出会った人たちが、英語を使って仲良くなる。 そんな雰囲気をイメージしています。


<4月の英語ナイトは "Sharing tales of travel!”  >





今回の英語ナイトのテーマは "Sharing tales of travel "。





そしてドイツ人スタッフのMaxが子どもの頃、家族旅行中の車の中で遊んでいた”My suitcase” という旅にふさわしいゲームもやりますよ!












※ 参加には予約が必要です。おかげさまで満席となりました




*スタッフが心を込めて計画し、作り上げている場です。フードロス削減のためにも、来られなくなった場合は必ずキャンセルの連絡をお願いします。(電話、InstagramのDM など)











Sorry, we stopped accepting applications because there is no more place available. 

Come spend an evening meeting new people through English conversation and games!

Participants for this event include all different ages and levels of English. 

We hope to create a relaxed and warm atmosphere where people from all walks of life can come together using English at our small local cafe in Kyoto.


< Eigo Night in April is themed "Sharing tales of travel ”! >


It's the season when the new greenery is beautiful and the weather is nice, and it's the time of year when you want to go on a trip♫


This time, we'll be talking about “travel”.


Let's talk about your memorable travel stories, your favorite travel destinations, unforgettable experiences while traveling, etc.

For foreigners, what you felt while traveling in Japan, what you wondered, etc.

Let's talk about “travel stories”!


And we'd like to enjoy a game that is perfect for travel, called “My Suitcase”, which our German staff member Max used to play in the car on family trips when he was a child!



Date: April 24th  19:00〜21:00


¥1500 (includes 1 drink) 

¥2200 (includes light meal and 1 drink)

*wine for additional ¥300*

Max: 15 people (reservation required)


⚫︎Reservation is required to participate.

⚫︎In order to eliminate food waste, please choose whether to include a light meal (taco rice or curry rice) when applying.



・Our small staff preps all of the food and drinks based on the number of reservations beforehand

・PLEASE DO NOT reserve a spot unless you plan on fully attending, as your spot could potentially allow someone on the wait list to join!

・If something comes up, please send us a message as soon as possible (DM on IG, or at etc.)






< Eigo Night Rules >

・No talking about religion or politics

・Enjoy friendly conversation rather than heated debate

・No harmful speeches, nor mention of inflicting harm 

・Speak in English as much as possible

・Please inform staff if you do not want to appear in photos posted on social media


We look forward to hearing from you! Let's have fun!

Sharing tales of.jpg



持ち込みイベントも大歓迎! 貸切パーティーもできますよ。

and more !

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